I’ve recently finished setting up my domain, Google Apps, Blogger and all that stuff. It’s my very first blog post ever and I’m not quite sure what this blog will be about yet. Hopefully it’ll be more or less about FLOSS, game development, Modern Japanese Visual Culture and world domination by penguins, but I’ll see what springs out of my mind.

I tried free wordpress.com blog first but it was too slow so I decided on Blogger. A part some loopholes I’m generally satisfied in various Google products and googleized a lot of my stuff lately.
I’m not too afraid of lock in to Google, owning a domain I can easily switch from gmail to another service without losing the current address and my docs are mostly plain text so I can just download them and switch back to kate/notepad.

Where Google still lack is connecting the pieces together: it’s gotten a lot better lately, but I can’t integrate blogger and sites seamlessly. Also there’s still a wall between Google Apps and standard accounts. End of rant.

Merry Christmas. Happy hacking and slacking.