Unity3D: keeping asset sources in the tree

It's advisable to keep source files for the assets (ex.: .ps, .max, .blend) near the final ones you actually want Unity to import because it's a lot easier to keep things organized this way and work with Version Control Systems. Folks will tell you to keep a mirror structure outside of assets folder, which is the exact opposite.

So here's the trick: Unity doesn't import files and folders that are hidden or have the name starting with a dot. Naming files with a starting dot is better in my opinion. Git for example doesn't store the hidden attribute, and other VCSes probably don't as well.

You can do something like this:

.monkey.max         <- source file, not imported
monkey.fbx          <- imported normally
.monkey_diffuse.psd <- source file, not imported
monkey_diffuse.png  <- imported normally


monkey.fbx         <- imported normally
monkey_diffuse.png <- imported normally
.source            <- entire folder not imported

The second structure can be better with many files. Windows explorer won't let you name a directory this way though (THANK YOU MICROSOFT!).
Create or rename it and write ".source." (with final dot added), it will name it ".source" stripping the final dot. Tested on Windows 7, don't ask me why it's like this.

Hopefully it will save you some headaches.

Quick post: Unity editor wrapper.

I've seen people reverse engineer the transform editor or doing their own thing.
In Unity 4 you can render the original editor inside yours as long as you have the original editors type.
Here's an example for a transform editor wrapper, but you can wrap anything you want, like a MeshRenderer or a TextureImporter (haven't tried yet).
You may want to wrap other Editor methods besides OnInspectorGUI as well.

Happy 2012

It's 2012, happy new year!

I've put this thing together in last minutes. Credit goes to Paul Lewis, see https://github.com/paullewis/Fireworks.

cat /dev/mind > blogger

I've recently finished setting up my domain, Google Apps, Blogger and all that stuff. It's my very first blog post ever and I'm not quite sure what this blog will be about yet. Hopefully it'll be more or less about FLOSS, game development, Modern Japanese Visual Culture and world domination by penguins, but I'll see what springs out of my mind.

I tried free wordpress.com blog first but it was too slow so I decided on Blogger. A part some loopholes I'm generally satisfied in various Google products and googleized a lot of my stuff lately.
I'm not too afraid of lock in to Google, owning a domain I can easily switch from gmail to another service without losing the current address and my docs are mostly plain text so I can just download them and switch back to kate/notepad.

Where Google still lack is connecting the pieces together: it's gotten a lot better lately, but I can't integrate blogger and sites seamlessly. Also there's still a wall between Google Apps and standard accounts. End of rant.

Merry Christmas. Happy hacking and slacking.